Have you ever wanted to text and do other things at the same time on your Android device without leaving your game, movie, or app to close text and come back to what you are doing knowing that in a few seconds someone is going to respond to you. Problem solved. Ninja SMS, its amazing.


I didnt believe that their was such a think as a duende “gremlins, little monsters”.

I have seen to instances of little people disrupting homes. The first was in the 70’s in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. I still remember a little “thing” funning all over the outside of my grandmother’s house. I still remember it running on the roof, sounded like a chicken running zig zag, I think the scariest part of the whole ordeal was the little being jumped on the side window and stared inside. We really couldnt see outside due to being so dark outside, but we could see the hair features of that little being, the size of a Chihuahua. Well the next day my Grandfather unearthed a little skeleton of a horned infant, and that was that.

Well back in 2003, I was asked to research a garage on Yarbrough in the City of El Paso Texas. Neighbors were terrorized that little people were running around on that garage and would suddenly visit them. Their homes were right next to the garage and well I took the challenge. I didnt get any permission to traspass the property, but indeed we could hear little feet running around following us as we walked outside the metal sheet walls. I could hear little growling, panting and some kind of animalistic laughter if that makes sense. Well you could hear the little beings running at our walking pace and banging on the sheet walls as we stopped at put our ears to the sheet wall. It was really unerving, but did not really see anything. Well after a few hours we said a prayer and walked to the homes of the tennants had a few beers and talked about what we found.

Well after a few hours I went home after a long a crazy investigation. Well early in the morning around 6 am, I noticed that across me was my chair (my next day clothes were always on that chair accross me) with someone looking at me, it seemed to be a very small person sitting moving its head side to side and staring at me with a very crazy smile. Yes, I said it a crazy smile. Well what did I do? I closed my eyes and when I opened them the being stopped its side to side movement. I couldn’t understand what that being was going to do, or what in the world was it. Well, I closed my eyes again to get the nerve to just jump at the creature and tear its head off. So when the inner monster opened its eyes the being disapeared. Well right after that I got up and checked my room, after that I opened my door that was close to the kitchen and heard the front door slam. All I remember was looking at my mother’s eyes. She couldn’t compute what she had just seen, later on after she calmed down, she saw a little person about a foot and a half run out of my room to the front door.

I wouldn’t believe in goblins, duendes, little people, but if it wasn’t for my mother seeing the creature I would of blamed my imagination.


Would you like to install a operating system that is cheap (free) and kids can browse and play in the internet without slowing our computers with viruses. Sounds like you?

Honestly ask yourself two questions to get the answer.

Do I have a pretty fast computer or is it a small netbook?

If you have a fast, newer computer I would recommend on the Ubuntu, Mint distributions. Very good Distributions that are easy to install and configure to the kids liking.

Lets say that you bought them a little Netbook. Perfect for browsing but slow. Well in that case lets ask another question. What are the kids going to do? If they are going to browse all day websites and play online games I recommend Puppy Linux. A very fast, small Distribution that will look great on the little Netbook. Now, if your child wants to produce their own shows like, I-Carly then install the Cinnamon Distribution. Once you install the Distribution download cheese for their web camera and Openshot and Kdenlive to edit their videos and voila you just created a little movie monster. I don’t recommend Puppy linux for anything else that browsing due to sometimes having to figure out installations, “I had a few instances were I had to research tutorials to install certain programs”

I would also recommend asking the kids to install Minecraft with no assistance, make them aware of the tutorials on Youtube. Kids are amazing at this, plus they are fascinated at how much they can do with Linux.


First of all, before I write anything else. I am a Mac, Linux and Windows power-user, in that order. With that said the sole purpose me choosing Mac, is that everything works outside the box. Now Windows works very well, unfortunately I have to say that most software that Windows produces cost a arm and leg, example, “try and upgrade windows”. So lets just skip Microsoft and go to our comparison.
So lets forget that Mac’s are a little expensive, software expecially the ones that we are focusing are is not that much.

Let’s start with Video Production, I-Movie creates some really nice short movies and clips and all it takes is a few photos, video clips music and a matter of minutes to produce and share via You-Tube and Facebook. I-Photo also has some great features such as face, event, time line filters. Its easy to find pictures by events, faces (people), great software overall.

Now lets talk Linux. I usually use Openshot, Kdenlive to create great videos. I have to admit that they don’t have as many options as I-Movie but the software does a great job. I also have to admit that creating your first Youtube Video is not the easiest, but once you learn you can create pretty cool videos. Just give yourself some time to learn and watch a lot of How to Youtube Videos.

As far as Picture software with Linux, I haven’t found anything that compares to the I-photo software. Don’t get me wrong, you have some really good database picture software, but nothing that is easy outside the box.

I just realize, that it’s probably looking that I don’t like Linux software, but I love it. If I had a smaller budget and couldn’t afford mac’s, I would not have a problem using Openshot and Kdenlive. Now pictures, I would probably use Picasa or some other online software for now, but Hey, Ubuntu has come a long way from my 10.10 days.


Digital Aztec

By far the best stable distribution in Linux. Try it with a HDMI cable, what a good looking distribution. Forget KDE, a good distribution to “distribute” to business sites. It truly is the best stable of the pack.

So you are looking for the best Linux music/media player. So let’s see RhytimBox is simple but is simple but it does the job very well. Clementine has some pretty cool graphics and easy to use, one of my favorites, you can even download it to your Mac. The Player that I think is so cool is Amarok, it has art, wikipedia on the music playing, lyrics and even guitar tabs, but it is very buggy. It froze on me a few times and sometimes the lyrics, artwork did not refresh with new music.

But overall, all three are the best of all players, I was really liking the Miro player, but RhytimBox, Clementine and Amarok can play online radio.

Have a digital day

Along time ago, sometime in the 70’s in Ciudad Juarez, yes I know the most dangerous city in the world due to the cartel wars. But Mexico was a different country in the 70’s. I’t was actually a very tranquil, peaceful place.

Well growing up my parents always left me with my grandparents. Well the reason why I know about the black eyed kids was that one day I saw them. I still remember playing with my toy mexican wrestlers on the sofa, when out of nowhere someone tried to open the main door. You see let me explain why it was so weird. To get to my grandparents house you need to go down a hill and strangers don’t visit without going thru the main gate in the house. But for some reason the door sounded like someone was opening it. Well my grandma’s door consisted of a spring door and a old wooden door. Well that day I heard my Grandma yelling at Granpa to cut it out. He had a funny way of irritating my Grandma by knocking on the door for her to open it. Well it was just Grandma, my older cousin and me in the house. So next thing I heard was Grandma telling someone at the door that they weren’t welcomed.

It was so weird to me because it seemed that some children were asking Grandma to let them in, but the asking was really weird. It was more like a command to let them in than anything. Still remembering how Grandma was stern, but afraid at the same time. I wasn’t very worried about the weird kids, but what really spooked me was that living room where I was playing had a window and some girl with black eyes, the eyes were completely black, you could see your reflection was looking in tapping the door to let her in. You could hear the kids running around trying to open the windows and doors. Grandma sounded angry, but you could tell she was a little afraid.

After that I heard a few shots outside, Grandpa carried his 45 everywhere he went. Well Grandma opened the door and let him in. Heard the story for so many years, and can still remember that day like if it was yesterday.

The funny thing is that people have seen the kids all over the world. What does it mean?

If you are like me. You are looking to use a computer for fun, work, and research. My best advice is to buy a Mac……….just kidding……..well kinda. I don’t like to struggle so instead of purchasing those expensive Macs I purchased a Mac mini and added ram. But if I didn’t have the money for the mini, I would simply find me a deal on ebay for around 300 and install Ubuntu from their website. Make sure you have a USB with at least 4 gigs and down load unibutin. Not sure if its spelled that way but it will come out on your searches. It will be the program that will load the Ubuntu OS in the flash and voila a operating system that includes alot of software that you can use. Make sure that you use YouTube tutorials, they are your friend. Libre office is as good as Microsoft word.

Now if you are using your system for business just a FYI. Alot of software or services might not work with Linux. For example stamps.com or certain accounting software. With that said there are work arounds, plus some very compatible free software. But alas the best Linux distribution is Ubuntu. The other distros are amazing, but the easier transition to Linux is Ubuntu. You might have to do some extra research but trust me if you are not a programmer and want something out of the box, and free, Ubuntu is the one. The other one that is pretty close to it is Linux mint, but I have had some issues.

Hope that helps.

Black eye kids

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Has anybody seen kids with black eyes.  I don’t mean punched kids, Ha, ha ha……………..I mean kids with blood shot eyes.  I have a story about those kids that happened to me in the 1970’s.

Ask yourself a few questions?

What do I want to do?

How much do I want to spend?

How much time do I have available?

Those three key questions can eliminate alot of operating systems/computers.  Why?

Well you have to ask your self, do I want to play games, publishing, video, music, creating music/video or just watching the internet.

Well let’s tackle each item.  Playing games can be done with a Windows, Mac or Linux system, but Windows has a larger selection compared to Mac and Linux even though is on the right direction does have some limitations.  You do have some workarounds with Linux, but you do have to do your research.  Publishing video, pictures or music is a actually done very well done with all three operating systems but again it really depends on a few things, with Windows software is a little expensive and don’t forget those driver heardaches, with Mac you get a very great experience but you can spend alot of money on the computer and software.  With linux the software is free, but the picture software is a little limited and video and recording did take me a few hours to figure out how to set up.

Listening and watching videos can be done on all operating systems, pretty much all three operating systems can handle the process pretty good.

Internet access/kids.  Honestly I rank Linux the best at this category, for the simple reason that you don’t have to worry about viruses, I would agree that Mac is really good as well, but you do have that possibility of being hacked and lastly Windows, one minute away from a virus.  Viruses are so active on kids websites, so just load a version of ubuntu and let the kids click away.

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